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Whip It
Directed by Drew Barrymore
Starring: Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Eve, Jimmy Fallon, Daniel Stern, and Zoe Bell
Whip It stars Ellen Page as Bliss, a bored Texas teenager who feels the need to escape her small hometown, her meaningless waitress job and the beauty pageants that her mother wishes she would take more seriously. On a shopping trip to nearby Austin, Bliss spots some roller derby girls delivering flyers for their upcoming games.  The derby girls are covered in tattoos and piercings.  They wear short skits, high socks (oh yeah) or fishnets.  Bliss likes the style, grabs a flyer and heads home.

With her best friend in tow, Bliss heads to the game and is introduced to a hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners sport for women.  She meets some players Smashlee Simpson (Barrymore), Rosa Sparks (Eve), Iron Maven (Lewis), Bloody Holly (Bell) and Maggie Mayhem (Wiig), who invites Bliss to try out for the team next week.  Bliss makes the Hurl Scouts team and begins attending practices and games all the while keeping it from her debutante mother (Harden) and oafy father (Stern).
There’s a very weak subplot involving a boy in a band that seems more like filler than storyline.  Page has zero chemistry with the actor playing her love interest, there’s no payoff and honestly, I felt a little cheated watching scenes with this because it took away from more roller derby action.
Clearly, the roller derby scenes are the best part with actors doing their own stunts and the scenes were choreographed well.  Like a good sports movie, the games are intense, yet because it’s a comedy, still a little light-hearted.  Speaking of sports movies, I knew I was going to get a training/music montage scene and did we ever.  Speed skating drills, sit-ups, jumps and spins all to the tune of 38 Special’s “Caught Up in You”.  That was awesome.  The roller derby is really the only reason to see this film.  Most of the other scenes fall kind of flat as much of the dialogue is hokey and predictable.
When I first saw the trailer for Whip It, I was interested, not only because of the roller derby, but because I wanted to see if Drew Barrymore had any directing chops.  Coming from the family lineage that she does, I expected maybe she had some talents other than acting.  She’s not the greatest actor, by all means, but for the most part she’s passable. After watching the movie, I realize that Drew Barrymore’s directing is pretty much like her acting.  It’s just….there.
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Under normal circumstances I would have thought that Ellen Page has a really annoying way about her, but she actually did a great job in this movie; all around Whip It rocked.

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